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4. Invoking Impost

Main options:

`-c file'
Uses `file' instead of `~./.impostrc' as your configuration settings for this session.

Uses the perl script, `FILE', when operating as a honey pot.

`-p port'
Bind socket to `PORT' when operating as a honey pot, or sniff packets destined to `PORT' when operating as a packet sniffer.
`-u size'
Any incoming messages larger than `SIZE' will trigger a detection

`-r size'
Set `MAX_READ_SIZE' to `SIZE' which controls how much memory is allocated for the buffer which will contain incoming messages. If a buffer exceeds this length, everything after byte `SIZE' will be read as a second buffer.

Always show `checking messages' -- even when the size of the buffer is smaller than the `MSG_TRIGGER_SIZE' variable.

Packet sniffing:

Instead of operating as a honey pot, this option enables the packet sniffer

Sniff packets from this device: device

Additional options:

When creating a capture file, log buffers detected as suspicious "as is"

Disable the printing of hexidecimal tables for buffers containing non-printable characters.

Disable the `capture' feature.

Show known operation codes, if any, that are discovered in a received message.

Other options

Output current configuration settings.

Display version information

Display help message

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